Eliminate The "Web Guy" &

Take Control of Your Web Presence!!!


We teach you how to do websites by yourself!



Have you ever had the experience of needing to upload something onto your website NOW and your web guy tells you he can get it done in a few days... or worse yet a few weeks?  Most business owners we've talked to want to take control and place current information on their website in a timely manner.  We have found a simple way to house the content of your marketing and business information online and allow you the ability to update it yourself.  We teach you how to place "elements" onto your web pages such as text, links, images, videos, and give you the ability to use purchasing tools like PayPal and Amazon to sell your products and services without having to call a tech guy!


We are "DESIGNERS", not developers.  What does that mean?  We don't do complicated developing and coding or computer or web support.  We wouldn't normally promote that, but in this case it means less chaos for you!  Who needs complicated?


We educate you how to buy a website address, take ownership of the hosting (terms, user names, and passwords), create email addresses, and show you how to place additional content or pages into your website after we put an initial "basic" 5-6 page one in place.  We use the latest tools with easy user interface so you don't have to be exceptionally technology adept, but we do suggest you have interest in technology at some level.  If you can work your Smartphone then you can do this!


If you're going to write a book, then creating a book website is a great may to control and own 100% of the profits. People can buy a signed book direct from you and you don't have to pay someone else to market or sell it for you. We can set you up so that you own the whole purchasing funnel. If we could remove credit card processing fees for you we would, trust us! But, by owning your website and store this should be the only expense you will incur in the life of your book. We don't like to build overly dynamic websites because we feel thats what social media is for, but we do think its professional to have a book page and that's what we help you do!


* Our 5-6 page website includes approx 40 hours of instruction and up to 20 updates or changes within a 90 day period.  Additional fees are charged for custom or creative images, integration of special features such as video, animation, image research, and/or extra creative design.

We Show You How Using Tools Like Adobe Muse Make Websites Easy:


"Create and publish dynamic websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards — without writing code. Design using familiar tools and hundreds of web fonts. Easily add interactivity like new scrolling effects, slide shows, contact forms, and videos. Adobe Muse is part of Creative Cloud, which also gives you the latest versions of all your favorite design apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign."


And tools, hosting and e-mail on GoDaddy