Slide presentations like Powerpoint and Keynote have been a regular part of business for years, but now they are taking on a new dimension - creating a web presence that interactively speaks to your customer or new client!  Imagine sitting back at home and someone on the other side of the globe can watch your presentation and learn about you, your company, and what you have to offer without you lifting a finger!  We'd say GREAT for lead generation and creating awareness of your message!


Slideshare generally works a bit like a public service announcement rather than a boring boardroom presentation. Words are limited and pictures are rich and tell a story. We help you tell a story that can run on it's own but one that can also be enhanced with your live speech. We generally create our presentations in Keynote, then transfer them to you in either the same format, upload them to Slideshare, or provide them to you in a rich PDF format or Powerpoint.  With Slideshare any format becomes visible, can be downloaded or easily shared.  It's a great calling card!


We will turn around your project in a week or less!  This would cost you over $6500 elsewhere!

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